Ohio State Bros Discover Ghost Living in Basement Was Living Human Being

by 6 years ago

Uh, spoiler alert: The house was not haunted. After a thorough search, the guys discovered a locked basement door. They called their realtor and opened it to discover a fully inhabited bedroom, complete with student textbooks, clothes, and framed photographs of family and friends.

Yes, a guy had been living in their basement all along.

The guy in question was named Jeremy. He seemed like a chill, if totally unwelcome houseguest, using a cousin's old key, washing his clothes in a downstairs sink, and avoiding his freaked-out roommates. (In one hilarious video, via Ohio State's The Lantern, the students say that all semester they had “been telling everybody the story about the ghost that lives in our house.”) At one point, Jeremy had accidentally run into one of the roommates on the property, but the roommate didn't make the connection that Jeremy was trespassing.

He has since been evicted. Only at THE Ohio State.

[H/T: Daily Mail]

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