Ohio Student Accused of Using SnapChat Pics to Blackmail Student Into Sex

Perhaps from the beginning. Police accuse Ohio University student Dorian Graham of posting on social media sites as a female (there's your catfishing). If that's all he did, that'd be fine. You wanna create an online, naughty-girl persona even though you're a dude? Word. 

But Graham didn't stop there, according to police. No, he entered into a digital relationship with a male student and exchanged sexy pics via SnapChat (presumably Graham's were fake). Again, still nothing wrong here (immoral, yes, but not necessarily illegal). 

Then it took a quick turn toward the fucked up. Graham publicly posted the pictures to Instagram and told the male (Graham was still pretending to be a woman at this point) that he would have to have sex with “her” friend (Graham) to get them taken down. The man went through with the request, and because this situation wasn't bad enough, Graham filmed the encounter. From the Columbus Dispatch:  

Graham allegedly told the student that he also was the victim of a blackmail scheme by the same nonexistent woman. At the time of the sexual conduct, Blackburn said, apparently the victim “still thought it was a girl that was making him do this.” At some point after the sex occurred, however, the victim became aware that Graham was the real culprit, he said.

Court documents say that Graham tried to blackmail the student again, threatening to post sexual images of him on Facebook and other social-networking sites. At that point, the student went to campus police, Blackburn said.

Graham now faces four felony counts (as he should) and his trial is scheduled for February. 

[Via Huffington Post College