Dear Ohio University: This Instagram Thing Is F*cked Up and Not Something to Be Proud Of

This suggests a serious problem. Rather than stepping in to help or suggest something wrong was happening, people pulled out their cell phones and snapped pictures of the event. 


Charges have yet to be filed, but today some new details emerged: 

“Yes, we have all people involved, at least as far as the allegation of sexual assault is concerned,” Pyle said. “The two people involved have been identified and have been cooperating in the investigation.” He added that it’s hard to say whether those who posted videos online will be facing any charges, and that he doesn’t believe there is any footage available from cameras located on Court Street that would have the crime depicted on it.

As of Tuesday, the case has not been brought to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s Office, spokesman Dan Tierney said.

To frame it in a wider context of what did or didn't go down, the best thing I've read on the incident is over at Policy Mic.

Go read it: Alleged Rape Victim in Ohio Learns About Her Assault By Watching It On Instagram.

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