Oregon Frats And Sororities Absolutely DESTROY Lake Shasta During Greek Life Trip, Cover It In Trash

Last weekend frats and sororities from the University of Oregon descended upon California’s Lake Shasta for a Greek Life camping trip, when they left the park rangers found an unfathomable amount of trash left behind by the partygoers.

According to reports there were over 60 houseboats were docked together on this particular part of Lake Shasta, all full of Greek Life members from the University of Oregon. One woman, Jennifer Vick Cox, snapped a bunch of photos of the damage left from this outing and shared them on Facebook for the whole world to see:

OregonLive.com reports:

Park rangers on a routine patrol Sunday discovered an “incredible amount of trash” left at a popular Lake Shasta island campsite that included a number of University of Oregon-related items.
Photos of the trash left on Slaughterhouse Island at the popular Northern California lake went viral Monday — and work crews are still cleaning up the remnants.
Crews discovered about 90 tents, some of them brand new, sleeping bags, ice chests filled with food and alcohol, personal items and a lot of trash along the lake’s edge. The island doesn’t have a restroom or garbage area — lake users typically carry their belongings in — then out of the area. But that didn’t happen this year, and the photos of the refuse went viral.
While the trip is not sanctioned by the university or the school’s fraternity and sorority system, that didn’t stop school leaders from blasting the behavior.
The University of Oregon took the rare stance of commenting on the situation.
“The manner in which the forest was left was absolutely unacceptable and disgraceful,” said Robin Holmes, the vice president for student life.

Every party is going to leave some damage, I just hope these students do the right thing and get back out there in an organized cleaning effort and make the entire lake appear immaculate once again. They need to make good on this or they’re going to ruin future trips for not just the frats and sororities of the University of Oregon but they’re going to screw over everyone in the state of Oregon (or California) that likes to party after the Parks Department brings down the hammer.

UPDATE: A previous version of this article indicated that Lake Shasta is in Oregon, not California. I’m just lazy and didn’t do that research and assumed that a crowd that size would’ve stayed in Oregon, it never crossed my mind that this would be out of state. Apologies for anyone I’ve gravely offended with this egregious mistake.

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