Parking Lot Brawl Between UTEP, Texas Tech Fans Has Everything You’d Want In A Fight

UTEP Texas Tech Fight

This altercation involving at least a hundred fans before the UTEP vs. Texas Tech game has EVERYTHING.

Everything including cheap shots, sniper victims, mullets, a woman SCREAMING gibberish at the top of her lungs, a shout out to WorldstarHipHop, an old man putting his dukes and knocking a guy backwards just from his shucking and jiving, a dude in a white polo skipping around for no reason, a line of people standing around and just recording, shirtless assaults, shirtless victims, seven different random fights breaking out, tons of finger pointing and guys adding color commentary.

The only thing this video doesn’t have is any sign that the cops are on the scene to break shit up.

H/T Kiss El Paso

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