How an Awesome Group of Penn State Bros Are Helping Their Friend with Brain Cancer (And You Can Too)

What makes this story even better is the reason they are doing this (besides eternal glory, of course). These guys, who met while camping out for football games at Penn State, are trying to win the $1,000 for one of their best friends, Kayla. This summer, going into her senior year, Kayla was diagnosed with grade 4 Astrocytoma, a form of brain cancer. Now, Kayla’s bros, friends, family and doctors have rallied around her as members of “Team Kayla” to support her in any way possible. Just hearing these guys talk about her, and watching this amazing video put together by her family and friends makes ME want to run through a wall for her, so I can’t even imagine what these guys will do for her.


The guys should have the judges scorecard locked up (and it shouldn’t even be close), but fan voting comprises the majority of the final scoring percentage. And that’s where you come in…

To help these bros win $1,000 for their girl Kayla, go to and vote for entry #2: Paternoville Alumni / Team Kayla each day. You can support Kayla by voting each day on every smartphone, iPad, laptop, etc. you can get your hands on.

Kayla’s family drives over 300 miles each day for chemo/radiation in Hershey, PA, so you can take 5 seconds to help her out by voting each day. It literally takes 5 seconds. Do it. Thank you.


TOTY Finalist: Paternoville Alumni from Tailgate of the Year on Vimeo.