Watch A Douchey Penn State Frat Boy Heckle A Troll Stupid Enough To Wear WVU Gear In The PSU Student Section



No one wins in this video. It’s important to establish this out front because both of these idiots are in the wrong. That said, there’s so many different levels of jackassery that I just had to blog about it here after it popped up on my radar this weekend. It comes from the Penn State – Northwestern game on September, 27th. It’s clearly before the game starts, as fans start filing into the stadium.

The Penn State DoucheBro — a Sigma Nu fraternity man, according to the video description — starts to aggressively heckle a college-aged man sitting in the Beaver Stadium student section dressed in head-to-toe West Virginia University gear. Why this man is dressed in WVU gear at a Penn State game against Northwestern is 100% beyond me. My guess is that he’s a WVU student visiting friends who go to Penn State. Clearly he was there to troll — WVU was on a bye that week, so there was no reason for him to dress like that in another school’s student section (… and one which doesn’t even have a rivalry with WVU) other than to be a jackass.

Personally, I think the Penn State frat guy looks like a massive doucheBro for actually giving this kid the time of day. The harassment and slurs he fires off at him in a fit of rage are completely unnecessary. Even worse, he gives him the attention he so desperately craves, getting in his face and coming within a couple of seconds of a physical altercation with him. The WVU kid clearly wanted a story to tell all his WVU buddies back in Morgantown about how Penn State Bros are a bunch of douchebags. Now you gave him just that. He was looking for a reason to hate Penn State fans. Now he has it.

If you’re ever in a situation like this and swelling with day drunk school pride, just chill. Don’t feed the trolls. Relax, flirt with some girls, find the person who snuck some Fireball in through Gate A’s insane security, and get amped up for some football. Just let this stranger in a strange land looks like the pathetic jackass he is in the best damn student section in the world. The higher ground is not caring about pathetic trolls who want to agitate people for cheap thrills.

And then, in a moment of real Darwinian idiocy, the WVU guy yells “Fuck Penn State!” At this point, a mutiny from anyone who briefly empathized with him is inevitable. The Penn State girls who he appears to be visiting are embarrassed, if not completely mortified. He gets what’s coming to him in the form of an ejection from the game. The crowd goes wild.

When you’re a mouse in a viper pit, you’re gonna get eaten, WVU kid.


But seriously, Bros, here’s a life lesson for you: Don’t feed the fucking trolls. Ever. No one wins when you do.

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