Thousands Of Penn State Students Lost Their Damn Minds Last Night And Tried To Hunt Clowns (Yes, CLOWNS)

Last night, students at Penn State University finally said enough is enough with this clown bullshit. Lead by a shirtless Bro doing his best Bill Pullman from Independence Day impression, thousands of PSU students took to the street to hunt clowns. I shit you not. They went out there to TAKE BACK THE NIGHT!

A closer look at the shirtless bro. His chest reads, “Fuck that clown.” Yes, fuck that clown indeed.

The student mob apparently gathered because there were several clown sightings on and around campus and there was also a creepy ass image of a clown projected on one of the dorms.

And here they are huntin’!

Halloween is only a few weeks away. I suggest that you think twice about dressing up as a clown. Unless, of course, you want to get the disembodied by an angry mob.