Phi Delta Theta At UPenn Put A Beyoncé Sex Doll In Their Christmas Card And People Are Pissed

I don’t offend easily, but I’m starting to get offended over how easily offended everyone in America seems to get these days. What in the shit is so offensive about a group of college kids putting a sex doll in their ridiculous Christmas card? That’s what college kids do! Is it because they are, for the most part, white and the sex doll is black? Or is owning a sex doll not acceptable in 2014? (Not that it was all that acceptable to begin with.) The Beyoncé sex doll is just chillin’ in the back row, too. No one is even making hot sex with the thing for Christ’s sake.

Speaking of our old pal, Christ, I’m surprised people aren’t more up-in-arms over the fact that they called it a Christmas card and not a HOLIDAY card.

Via The Daily Pennsylvanian:

On Sunday night, a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity posted what became a controversial Christmas photo on Facebook. The photo showed the brothers — most of whom appear to be caucasian — posing in holiday attire in a living room. Next to one of the brothers on the left of the photo was a dark-skinned blow-up doll.

In a draft of an apology emailed by College senior and Phi Delta Theta President Jimmy Germi to UMOJA co-chairs Wharton junior Rachel Palmer and College sophomore Ray Clark, the fraternity said that the doll was a Beyoncé sex toy originally meant as a gag gift at the group’s Secret Santa event.

Beyond the racial implications of the photo, students were also offended by the depiction of a female body through the use of a sex doll.

“The inclusion of a racially and sexually charged object in such a flagrant fashion displays a serious and immediate need for repercussions that reflect the severity of this misogynistic, racist offense,” a joint statement issued by the 5B — the five umbrella coalitions for minority groups on campus — and the Penn Consortium for Undergraduate Women said. “We—UMOJA, APSC, UMC, Latin@ Coalition, Lambda Alliance, and PCUW—firmly believe that when an event like this marginalizes one of our communities, it marginalizes us all.”

“What particularly concerns us is how flippant this deeply misogynistic and racist choice seems to have been,” an addendum from the PCUW read.

Everyone is overly jazzed because of recent events. I get it. And maybe the fact that a fraternity did this makes it even more offensive. But it’s not. It’s just not. How many bachelorette parties have you seen with dick-shaped EVERYTHING? Straws. Hats, Cakes. Pins. Tiaras. You name the item, bachelorette parties have found it in the form of a cock. And why is it racist to own a Beyoncé sex doll? She is sexy as hell. Sure, the thing looks nothing like her, but LOOK AT THIS FUCKING BOX (below). Look at it and tell me that a reasonable person, who wants to buy his buddy a sex doll as a gag gift, wouldn’t look at this product sitting next to a regular old sex doll on the shelf and pick it instead. You can’t. You’re taking this box home 100% of the time.