Playboy Has Released Their List Of The Top 10 Party Schools For 2015

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Every year the Princeton Review puts out its list of the top party schools. Something that those colleges named to it take great pride in, naturally. But just in case your school lost out on that list, there is always Playboy’s annual list which usually has a few different schools on it than Princeton’s list.

That’s the case once again this year as the Princeton Review had the University of Illinois in the number one spot, while Playboy has gone a different route and chose Ohio University. Something that will make our very own Brandon very happy as he was quite bummed that they weren’t number one on the other list.

Here’s Playboy’s Top 10…
#1 Ohio University
#2 University of Iowa
#3 Florida State University
#4 Tulane University
#5 University of Illinois
#6 University of Texas
#7 Syracuse University
#8 University of Wisconsin
#9 University of Mississippi
#10 University of Michigan

Here was Princeton Review’s Top 10…
#1 University of Illinois
#2 University of Iowa
#3 University of Wisconsin
#4 Bucknell University
#5 Syracuse University
#6 University of California, Santa Barbara
#7 West Virginia University
#8 University of Georgia
#9 Tulane University
#10 Colgate University

The only schools to appear in the top 10 on both lists are Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Tulane, and Syracuse. Special congratulations to those students.

Now as for the lists overall, I don’t know about you, but from what I hear and see, I think Playboy’s list might be the more accurate one. What do you think?

Head on over to for a full run-down of the hows and whys for their rankings and as usual call bullshit or brag in the comments below.