This Ranking Of The 30 Best College Towns In America Will Probably Aggravate A Lot Of People

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Every so often someone decides to rank the best college towns and people get their panties in a bunch because their school is missing or ranked incorrectly in their opinion.

Today is one of those days.

Business Insider recently published a list of the 30 best college towns in America.

Here’s how the rankings were determined…

Niche, a company that researches and compiles information on cities, recently named the best college towns in America, focusing on the overall livability of places where undergraduates from a top-250 college make up at least 10% of the town’s overall population.

To determine “livability,” Niche narrowed in on each city’s cost of living, public-school quality, the percentage of residents who hold at least a bachelor’s degree, and the overall strength of the area’s real-estate market. Niche also factored in things like diversity, crime rates, and access to amenities. You can read a detailed breakdown of the methodology here.

Got it? Now here’s the list…

30. Colorado School of Mines – Golden, Colorado
29. Dickinson College – Carlisle, Pennsylvania
28. Carlton College and St. Olaf College – Northfield, Minnesota
27. University of Utah – Salt Lake City, Utah
26. University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Amherst College – Amherst, Massachusetts
25. University of Wisconsin – Madison, Wisconsin
24. Purdue University – West Lafayette, Indiana
23. Penn State University – State College, Pennsylvania
22. University of Virginia – Charlottesville, Virginia
21. University of Oklahoma – Norman, Oklahoma
20. Dartmouth University – Hanover, New Hampshire
19. University of California at Santa Barbara – Santa Barbara, California
18. University of Miami – Coral Gables, Florida
17. University of Iowa – Iowa City, Iowa
16. Boston College – Newton, Massachusetts
15. University of Missouri – Columbia, Missouri
14. Colorado State University – Fort Collins, Colorado
13. Arizona State University – Tempe, Arizona
12. Brigham Young University – Provo, Utah
11. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Chapel Hill, North Carolina
10. Luther College – Decorah, Iowa
9. University of Kansas – Lawrence, Kansas
8. Princeton University – Princeton, New Jersey
7. University of California at Irvine – Irvine, California
6. University of California at Davis – Davis, California
5. University of California at Berkeley – Berkeley, California
4. University of Colorado at Boulder – Boulder, Colorado
3. Iowa State University – Ames, Iowa
2. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor – Ann Arbor, Michigan
1. Harvard University and MIT – Cambridge, Massachusetts

See anything there you’d have an issue with? Because I certainly do.

There’s no Austin. There’s no Athens, both in Georgia as well as Ohio. There isn’t even a single school on the list from Florida other than Miami. And what’s with all the Cal school grabbing all the California spots? C’mon now!

And has anyone ever tried to get a drink in Cambridge late at night or during a happy hour, because good luck with that. So wrong. So so wrong.

H/T Business Insider; Harvard image by Shutterstock

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