Rutgers Accidentally Posted A Picture Of Some Kid’s HUGE Schlong On Their Facebook Page


The Rutgers University motto is “Sol iustitiae et occidentem illustra.” Don’t know Latin? Don’t worry, neither do I. Soo…here it is again in brand spankin’ new English!

Giant student dicks everywhere

My Latin is a little rusty, so it could also translate to “Sun of righteousness, shine upon the West also”…but I’m pretty sure my first translation was right. Don’t think so? You’ll change your mind when you take into consideration this image that Rutgers allegedly posted onto their Facebook page:


The photo is supposedly from RU’s version of the Tough Mudder, if “Tough Mudder,” if by “Tough Mudder” they mean “Porn casting couch.” Either way, that kid is about to get LAID.

UPDATE: apparently it’s just a soda bottle. Bummer. Looks like we can all go home now.

[H/T Elite Daily, photo via Imgur]