Professor Delivers A Super Chill E-mail Response To A Drunk Student Asking For An Extension On A Paper


We’ve all been there in college — You’re out boozing your face off on a Tuesday night and a deadline on a big paper creeps up on you. Most professors have no sympathy for students with a bad sense of work-life balance or time management. But Mr. Martin decided to keep things 100 when a drunk student went off the rails in an e-mail asking for an extension on a paper, admitting that he was drunk.

Gotta love that he didn’t even have to make up some bogus lie about being sick or whatever. Just laid all the cards out on the table for Mr. Martin, with Mr. Martin shooting back in epic fashion.

As the saying goes, cooler heads will prevail. Everyone here is a G — Especially Mr. Martin.


The teacher’s response: 

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