Middle Aged Frat Bros Try To Save Their Former House From Being Torn Down By Launching Reality Show



Bros, what we’ve got here is the very definition of ‘try hard’. It’s a group of 45-year-old men attempting to move back into their condemned former frat house and film a reality show about going back to college, all in hopes of saving the house.

In their IndieGoGo short they basically play up every frat stereotype known to man…and I don’t hate it.

Just because your clock has hit 45 years of age, does that mean you’re no longer able to indulge in the sweet life of a bro?



Their premises is this: the former house they lived in at the University of Maryland, College Park is going to be sold and torn down. So in order to stop that from happening they’ve created this IndieGoGo campaign to fund the filming of a reality TV show pilot, which they then believe they can take to network and have the show made…Because who the hell wouldn’t want to watch a bunch of middle aged men engaging in the antics of 20-year-olds?

Here’s where things get sketchy for me though…Beta Rho Omega = BRO. Nowhere in the vast network of our Google overlords can I find any mention of Beta Rho Omega existing at the University of Maryland in the 80’s…or ever existing anywhere, at all.



As of now their IndieGoGo goal sits at a paltry $80 of the $50,000 goal. So maybe I’m not the only skeptic out there, or maybe these guys just haven’t received the press they dearly need to get something as awesomely saw as this off the ground.

You can check out their fund page by clicking HERE, but first here’s a basic breakdown of the fund itself:

Our Quest to Save Our Frat House
The Mission: To produce a reality TV show about old school Frat Guys that move back into their college frat house. They battle it out in a Survivor style game-show. Being tested in all essential Frat Guy skills, only the most well-rounded competitor wins the cash prize and is crowned ‘The Ultimate Frat Guy’.

ARRRR! We be Frat Guys!

We’re hardcore Frat Guys from the 90’s. Members of Betta Rho Omega (aka BRO) an underground Alumni Fraternity at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Abandoned over a decade ago, our frat house is about to be sold and demolished.
nspired by frat movies, we’ve got a zany harebrained scheme to save it.

Our plan is to create a breakthrough reality TV show:
Frat Life Forever: The Ultimate Frat Guy Challenge

It’s a reunion show, a game-show, a social experiment, a competition, and a great big party. What if you had the chance to relive your Glory Days?

The Goal
Our campaign is raising funds to film a pilot episode of our original concept. Help us transform the world of reality TV with our epic show!

This show is our dream in life. An opportunity to move back into our old college town with our best friends, and party like its 1999!

That house was our home. Many of our greatest memories in life took place there.
She deserves better. When our show gets picked up, we’ll use the Big Network cash to buy our frat house and rebuild her into an awesome party paradise.

I have to admit, I actually kind of love this idea. If there was a way to know they were genuine then I’d be backing this in a heartbeat. Just some old bros living the dream, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

If you’d like to back their fund or leave some feedback on their IndieGoGo page you can do so by clicking HERE.

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