This Hot Science Professor Doubling As A Pole Dancer At Night Makes Me Wish I’d Gone To College

For the record, I did go to college, but it wasn’t until I was 25 which meant I was too old to pick up most of the chicks there. Even though boinking an 18 year old was out of the question, I was old enough to get with Amy Cowles, a science professor at Keele University as well as a really, really hot pole dancer. I suck at science, but I’d go back and major in Forensic Science if it meant I got to take a class with Amy here.

It’s no surprise Amy Cowles’ students are stretched to the limit – the university professor has also been crowned Miss Pole Dance UK.
By day the 30-year-old tests her pupils at Keele University in her role as Teaching Fellow on their Forensic Science BSc course.
But at night she hones completely different skills – as a teacher at the British Pole Dance Academy, in Stoke-on-Trent.
And her academic approach to perfecting pole dancing over the last five years have finally paid off – after she was crowned the best semi-professional pole dancer in Britain.

Via Mirror

It’s clear to me that I went to the wrong school and should’ve just waited for Amy to start teaching at Keele. I don’t even know where the hell that is, but if going there meant I’d be able to take a class with “Professor Cowles” then I’d gladly have transferred.

[H/T and images via Mirror]