HEY YOU: Show Us How Bangin’ Your University, Frat, Sorority Or WHATEVER Is Because We Wanna Share It With The World

Every single day here at the BroBible office we get bombarded with a horde of emails. Some messages say stuff like “Hi plz hire me I am an good ritur,” while others are along the lines of “Yo I fucking HATE your writers and I want all of you to DIE.” Regardless, every email gets opened and the ones that are actually useful and contain cool shit get posted. For example, you see this?

Some Phi Sigma Kappa over at USC sent us that video in an email, and since it’s pretty sick we threw it up onto the site…but sometimes we overlook stuff.

You can’t really blame us, honestly. Do you know how clogged our inboxes are with shit like “I’m starting a Kickstarter to raise money for any recently orphaned koala bears who have become crippled while on vacation in the Bahamas.” First off, do you see what we do for a living? We blog. We write about cat videos. We sit on Reddit for 8 hours a day. Do you think we have extra money to blow on koala bears that we don’t even get to keep as pets? Second off, that Kickstarter is going to raise a total of $0.08. Stop wasting my time.

So now that you know how busy and selective we are when it comes to what we post on our site, here’s some good news: if it’s college stuff you got, we want to see it. Doesn’t matter if it’s rush videos or just your roommate ripping a bong and then gobbling down an entire pizza while blacked-out drunk in his boxers in the middle of campus, if it has to do with college, we’ll share it to the world for you on our brand spankin’ new BroBible College Facebook page. All of it: the good, the bad and the ugly (especially the ugly. Send us lots of that).

But how do you send it to us? Simple. Click HERE, or just hit up the “TIP OFF” button on the side of BroBible and choose “College Tip.” Now because we know none of you can be bothered to go and look for yourselves how to do that, here’s a handy dandy breakdown we made in 30 seconds flat with Photoshop:


And POOF, you just got yourself seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Does that make you happy? Because it should.

Welcome to the big leagues, Bros.