Four LSU Sigma Chi’s Were Arrested For Doing The DUMBEST Thing In Their Chapter House

Let’s make a list of stupid things you can be arrested for:

1. Stealing candy
2. Smacking female police officers in the face
3. Being naked…everywhere
4. Pooping where you shouldn’t poop

Gee whiz, what stupid things you could possibly do! But don’t worry, because Sigma Chi at Louisiana State University has managed to come up with a fifth item for our list, which is….

5. Breaking into their house mom’s room and taking pictures of themselves dicking around in there and then posting it on social media.

Killin’ it Sig Chi.

Four Sigma Chi fraternity brothers were charged after they forcibly removed the door to their housemother’s room.
In late July, LSUPD identified Christopher Young, 23, Max Garcia, 22, Matthew Palmer, 22, and David Songy, 22, as the four suspects in the case after a photo on social media showed the fraternity members sitting in their housemother’s room.
They then obtained arrest warrants for Young, Garcia and Palmer and booked them into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

Via Daily Reveille

Is breaking into your house mom’s room to take stupid photos of yourself sitting around worth getting arrested? I don’t think so, but hey that’s just my sensible side talking. The other 99% of me is like “Yo, break down EVERY door because fuck having boundaries.”

[H/T Total Frat Move]