Sigma Pi House At University of Rhode Island Raided By Police, Cops Find Weed, Hash Oil, Cash


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South Kingston Police raided the Sigma Pi fraternity house at the University of Rhode Island on Monday under suspicion that one of the brother’s (Dan Coburn, 21) was selling marijuana from his bedroom. Mr. Coburn was arrested and arraigned on felony charges of ‘possession with intent to delivery’ after police found and seized two pounds of marijuana, hash oil, and $604 in cash in Dan Coburn’s bedroom in the Sigma Pi frat house. Bail was set at $10,000 after Mr. Coburn’s arraignment on felony charges.

The raid on the Sigma Pi house at the University of Rhode Island took place after police were tipped off that Dan Coburn might be selling weed out of his bedroom at the fraternity house. This all leads me to believe that another frat might been holding a grudge over some garbage to the point that they were willing to ruin a 21-year-old’s life over marijuana, a substance that very well might be legalized nationwide in the next five years.

Rhode Island’s WPRI has the report:

Dan Coburn, 21, is a member of the Sigma Pi Fraternity at the school’s Kingston campus. South Kingston Police received a tip that he had been selling large quantities of marijuana out of his bedroom at the fraternity house.
“The charge he’s facing — it’s a serious felony which may require him to go to prison,” Det. Lt. Alfred Bucco of the South Kingston Police Department said.
Police say they found two pounds of marijuana, a small amount of hash oil and $604 in cash while searching the residence.Coburn was arraigned Tuesday on a felony charge of possession with intent to deliver.
“We don’t have any indication he was making it. However, the way it was packaged, it appears that it is a large scale operation,” Bucco said.

As TFM notes, Mr. Coburn foolishly ignored the ’10 Crack Commandments’ and found himself by bars after commingling his personal and business life.

What truly kills me about this kid getting arrested for selling weed is the fact that Rhode Island ranks SECOND in the nation for the amount of marijuana smoked, and is a widely considered a front-runner to the the next state to legalize marijuana recreationally.

Yet this kid’s facing felony charges for a substance that’s less harmful than alcohol. This college student’s going to be embroiled in legal troubles for so long that marijuana will likely be completely legalized by the time he gets through it all, and that’s a shame.

[TFM via WPRI]

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