Sorority Girl Accused Of Faking Stage 3 Cancer, Stealing Thousands Of Charity Dollars

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There has to be something seriously wrong with your brain chemistry to pull a scam like this one. According to reports, a sorority sister from Nothern Kentucky University is accused of faking stage-3 stomach cancer to her family AND her sorority sisters. Faking cancer is beyond fucked up, this goes without saying, but it gets worse. She’s also accused of stealing thousands of dollars in charity funds raised in her name by her sorority sisters.

FOX News reports

A Northern Kentucky University student is accused of duping her parents and sorority sisters into thinking she had stage 3 stomach cancer, as police investigate what happened to the thousands of dollars raised in her name. Kelly Schmahl, 20, allegedly pretended to be ill from June 2016 through March 2017, Fox 19 reported.
Police said she used her cellphone as a forwarding service to receive and answer phone calls and text messages while pretending a health care worker was on the other end. Through it all, her sorority, Delta Zeta, hosted fundraisers and rallied around Schmahl, who had shaved her head and was using a wheelchair, Fox 19 reported.

Fooling your parents and your closest friends into thinking you have stage-3 cancer? What kind of sick human being can live a lie like that each and every day?

If you’re a skeptic like myself then you’re probably wondering if the parents knew anything, and it appears they’re just as mindfucked by their daughter’s lie as everyone else. They released this statement to FOX19 NOW:

“Our daughter is a caring, loving yet troubled young woman who is currently undergoing treatment for issues that precipitated this pretense and the results of it.
Like others in the community, we, too, believed our daughter was seriously ill with cancer and we are all searching for answers as to why she would participate in this deception. During the time that funds were being raised for Kelly, she did not live with us and we did not actively promote any fundraising efforts.
Our family, friends, and the good people of this community who generously gave time and money to this cause are anxious to learn what happened to the money that was raised for Kelly. We do not know the answer to this question because we have never had access to these funds. However, we are cooperating with law-enforcement officials and we are hopeful they can help answer this question.
At this point, our main concern is with our daughter, who thankfully is away from this situation and getting the help she needs.”

The Delta Zeta sorority has also released a statement. Basically stating that they’re going forward with a charity fundraiser they already have planned to raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness, unrelated to this incident. The also went on to state that because there’s an ongoing criminal investigation they cannot comment on this matter.

According to FOX19 NOW, Kelly Schmahl no longer attends Northern Kentucky University, and if she’s convicted of the crimes she’s charged with Kelly has the potential to spend between 1-to-10 years in prison. If you’re curious what this disgraced sorority sister looks like you can follow that link below to FOX19 NOW and see a picture there.



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