Belligerently Stupid Sorority Email Tells Sorority Girls They Can’t Be Seen With Any Boys

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For the uninitiated, being in a sorority comes with a plethora of belligerently stupid rules. For example, did you know that at a lot of schools the chefs in the sorority houses aren’t allowed to save leftovers? Nope, they have to throw them out. I don’t know if it’s supposedly a sanitation thing, but there’s this little thing called a “refrigerator” that was invented not too long ago that helps keep food from going bad so you can eat it later. However, I’ve never seen something quite like this.

A student from the University of California, Davis sent Total Sorority Move an email that was allegedly written by a Greek administrator and sent out to recruiters across the Greek system. That’s right, this wasn’t written by some deranged c-punting bitchmuffin, it was written by someone who’s actually IN CHARGE of shit.


THIS is what happens when we have stupid people in charge:


I get the idea behind it, but the execution is awful. In a nutshell, fraternities aren’t allowed to take part in sorority recruitment. For example, you couldn’t have a frat guy walk into a sorority house during rush and scream “ADPI IS FUCKING AWESOME WHOOO!” You also can’t have pictures of fraternity men in the sorority houses (typically pictures of boyfriends and stuff that are hanging in girls’ rooms), because it implies that certain frats hang out with certain sororities, and such information could sway someone to one sorority over another. Yes, freshman/sophomore college girls are commonly fickle enough to be like “Oooh, delta sig hangs out with AXO a lot, I wanna be in AXO!” So it makes sense to hide any pictures of boys and shit.

That email, on the other hand? That’s stupid. Does that mean college-aged siblings can’t interact? It’s just ridiculous on such another level that I can’t even fathom the logic that went into it. Good one Jenny, you fucking moron.

[H/T Total Sorority Move]