Spring Breaker Nails Police Car With Football. Video Goes Viral. Police Tweet Dude Arrest Warrant.

Just a friendly piece of advice, if you do something even remotely illegal, don’t record it, and especially don’t share it to social media where it can be used as evidence against you. This dude is learning the hard way after doing an impressive, but dumb stunt while on spring break.

Texas State University student Kameron Lane Heady thought it would be a great idea to hurl a football at a police cruiser while on spring break in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The throw was a beautiful 50-yard bomb and connected with its intended receiver, by nailing the cop car (Maybe Johnny Manziel should get some practice in like this when he parties). It was a wonderful throw, no doubt about it, but someone thought it was such a tremendous pass that they had to record the throw. And they were so very impressed by the throw that they uploaded video of drilling the cop car on Twitter because who can resist the opportunity to get some cheap Likes?

It went so viral in fact that the Gulf Shores Police Department saw it. They even responded with their own viral video, where they issued an arrest warrant under the charges of “Harassment (Threat)” for Heady, who looks to be 21 going on 35 and still in college.

“Hey Kameron. We found you. Great arm. Bad decision,” the police department posted on their Facebook page.

One of Heady’s friends asked a pertinent question regarding the incident.

The video was posted the same day that city officials announced alcohol was banned from the beach for the duration of spring break.

Did the police overreact to a football being thrown at their cruiser? Possibly. Did the people on the beach fuck over their boy Kameron by A.) recording the video and B.) uploading it to social media? Indubitably.

On the plus side, Kameron was just named the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.