College Student Dies Saving Friend’s Life And The Letter Her Parents Found After Her Passing Makes This Story Even More Heartbreaking

I’m a firm believer that some people are just born with a destiny, and no matter what path they choose in life, they always end up fulfilling that destiny.

Rebecca Townsend, a 17-year-old from Connecticut had a destiny. She even wrote about, in a roundabout way, in a note that her parents found after the young girl sadly passed away in an accident on July 2nd.

Townsend attended a fireworks show in Danbury with her friend, Ben Arne. As the two were walking back from the show, a vehicle struck both. According to BuzzFeed News, Ben told Townsend’s family Rebecca pushed him out of the way just before the impact. Ben went to the hospitalized but Rebecca was killed.

Townsend died a hero but here’s where her story takes an even more amazing turn. Townsend might have willed the moment, not the accident, to happen in a bucket list letter she wrote to herself in 2012. After Rebecca’s death, the family explained they were reminiscing in her bedroom and discovered a bucket list. The list was a class and returned to her after high school graduation in June.

The family posted a screenshot of the photo to Facebook.

While Rebecca lost her life, and that itself is tragic, a real silver lining in all this is that she saved a life. It was basically her destiny, the day she typed it on that piece of paper. We can all just hope we make such an impact in life.

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