Student Panhandles On Roadside To Earn College Tuition Money And Naturally It Led To Countless Donations


via Wncn

Emily Stutz made a joke that the only way she’d be able to afford college was if she beg for money on the street. After a while, it didn’t seem like a bad idea. So she went for it.

Stutz made a sign that reads, “NO $ for college” and “Anything helps,” and last Friday stood outside a Target near her home in Massachusetts.

She posted a picture of herself online, and that is when her campaign to pay for college “blew up.”

Oh internet, you make anything possible! The good news that Stutz isn’t just some bum trying to earn a free ride.

She says she has worked two jobs and kept a 4.0 in school, but after applying for every scholarship offered, she came up way short.

“I received no additional aid besides the merit that was only offered at my private schools,” Stutz says.“While the merit was helpful, all my private schools cost $50,000+ and the merit money brought it down to around $30,000 which was still unrealistic. My state schools don’t offer any merit aid so their total is around $20,000.”

As of yesterday, the Go Fund Me page for her college expenses was over $18,000 in donations toward her goal of $30,000.

Hopefully she raises enough money to go to school and then change her name once the same internet that made her, turns on her for begging for money. Because it’s coming…

[via WNCN]