Teen with Down Syndrome Celebrates Like a Badass After Getting Accepted to College


Noah VanVooren is an 18-year-old with Down Syndrome who has constantly exceeded expectations. There was that time last year, when he made national headlines for suiting up and scoring a touchdown with his Little Chute football team. (He had served as a waterboy for years, but that night he served as the team’s captain.)

And there was that time last week, when VanVooren was accepted into Edgewood College’s Cutting Edge program, which offers an “individualized approach to education and inclusion in college for students with intellectual developmental disabilities.” His parents took video, and the video is unquestionably awesome: Noah begins by excitedly reading the letter, but within seconds he’s ripped off his hoodie like Chris Farley in the Chippendales’ sketch. He seems like a funny, cool dude.

According to a guy on Reddit who claims to go to high school with Noah, the video was played last week on the school’s video announcements. It went over well. “I GO TO SCHOOL WITH THIS GUY! Noah’s a great guy and his sister is in my grade. Every Friday my school does a video announcement and they showed this video when they made it last week. Everyone in the school loves Noah and hopes the best for him.”

[H/T: VVV]