These Students’ List Of 83 Demands To Their College President Are Exactly What Is Wrong With This Country

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Prior to 10 minutes ago I’d never heard of Hamilton College, but upon looking it up on College Board it appears to be a pretty smart place; SAT scores well above average, an acceptance rate lower than 30%…

…you’d think that means the school would be brimming with intelligent students rather than these lot with their heads stuck up their asses.

According to The Daily Beast, a group of students at Hamilton calling themselves “The Movement” (real original here) have issued a list of 83 demands to their college president, ranging from discouraging white faculty members from leading departments to limiting freedom of speech if said speech is deemed offensive.

In other words…

Unsurprisingly, the group has a Tumblr page. SURprisingly, the group is apparently anonymous and chooses to selectively choose its members rather than allow anyone to join. Ironic since they’re demanding inclusiveness of minorities across campus but choose to exclude people who may want to join. Even MORE ironic is that the group’s main demand is that Hamilton’s next president has to be “a person of color” and that there must be “immediate transparency in the hiring process:”

The letter specifically notes:

“We demand the distribution of the minutes from these meetings with applicants. We demand a student lead [sic] forum to ask questions to the final candidates. We demand the review of other colleges hiring practices to have them incorporated into the current system.”

The list is prefaced with a denunciation of tokenism, defined as “the practice of hiring, appointing, or accepting a token number of people from underrepresented groups in order to deflect criticism or comply with affirmative action rules.”

In an apparently contradictory move, The Movement proceeds to make several specific demands regarding the hiring of more faculty members of color and recruitment of students of color.(via)

The list only gets worse from that point onward. At one point “The Movement” demands an “immediate increase in undocumented students” as well as a “demand in the endowment of various scholarship programs to benefit these students.” Daily Beast writer Emily Shire described the whole list of demands best, stating:

Many of these demands seem financially extravagant and verging on discrimination against students who are not of color. Other demands devoted to increasing racial, ethnic, and other forms of diversity not only contradict The Movement’s purported critique of affirmative action, but raise red flags about The Movement’s respect for diversity when it comes to diversity of opinions.

In other words, it appears that Hamilton College is a place for intelligent people to go and waste any potential they might’ve had by taking part in “activism” that is both poorly thought-out and in general, laughable. Not even their college president is taking these “demands” seriously. Upon being reached out to for a quote about “The Movement” not a single critique was said, which tells ME they’re just waiting for everyone to stick a tampon up there and quit their bitching.

Or, as South Park would put it, they’re waiting for Reality to set in:

[h/t Daily Beast]

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