Guess Which School Was Named The ‘Top Party School’ Of 2014?

Top Party Schools 2014


Everyone thinks their school parties the hardest but which school topped Playboy’s list of the top party schools of 2014?

Before we get into the top ten, let’s talk about Playboy’s requirements for what makes a true “party school” in the eyes of the people at the bunny mag — “This year’s list was determined by Playboy’s editors who considered a variety of factors in their selection process, including access to nightlife and musical events, and creativity when planning social gatherings. Information from the National Center for Education Statistics, the NCAA, and the US Economic Census was also considered.”

Playboy doing work! Crunching numbers and reviewing statistics! One dude with an old school adding machine pouring over documents about binge drinking and boats and hoes parties.

Let’s we cue up the drum roll for the top party schools of 2014. No drum roll? Fine. Here’s the top party schools according to Playboy magazine:
10. Syracuse University
9. University of Texas
8. Colorado State University
7. University of Miami
6. University of California, Santa Cruz
5. University of Iowa
4. University of Arizona
3. West Virginia University
2. University of Wisconsin

And the number one party school of 2014 is…..THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA!

This is the first time an Ivy League school has made the list and Penn finds itself at the top of the heap. Where did the University of Pennsylvania rank on our list of the 50 best party schools? You’ll have to click to find out.