One Of The UCF Sigma Nus Who Was Caught Chanting ‘Let’s Rape Some Bitches’ Is Reportedly An Accused Rapist

Remember that story we brought you yesterday about how the Mu Psi chapter of Sigma Nu at the University of Central Florida was suspended after being recorded on video planning to “rape some bitches”? No? Well then you should read the site more because you’re missing out on a whole lotta shit and I’m not going to repeat myself. Go read it HERE if you have to.

Done reading? Good, because last night The Orlando Sentinel reported that one of the Sigma Nus heard chanting in the video has actually been accused of sexual assault. Dunno about you guys, but if the University of Central Florida Police Department are investigating me for having possibly committed sexual assault, I probably wouldn’t go around chanting about raping “bitches.” Or raping anyone, for that matter, including animals, inanimate objects, people, fish – you name it, I won’t chant about raping it. According to Gawker,

The victim originally reported the alleged assault—which she says took place at an off-campus Sigma Nu party last October—to UCF police in February. The UCFPD then curiously forwarded the case to the Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s office in April. The Sigma Nu brother has yet to be charged with a crime. When the Sentinel asked the State Attorney’s office for comment, spokeswoman Angela Starke would not even confirm the case had been received. “We get 80,000 cases a year to review,” she offered.

The Mu Psi chapter of Sigma Nu is currently still on suspension pending a university hearing on Thursday regarding the “let’s rape some bitches” video you can watch below:

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