LAST CHANCE: Nominate Your Frat Castle for Our Ranking of ‘The Best Fraternity Houses in the U.S.’

Well, Bros, it's been quite a year. We ranked the top 100 college bars in the country. We identified the roommates you'll have, the landmarks you'll seek, and the couples you'll meet during the best four years of your life. And, of course, we attempted to chronicle your ridiculous party habits as much as legally possible.

Now, we're onto a new challenge. Inspired by our tailgate tour and the chronic couch-surfing our crew did across the U.S., we want to pay tribute to the places they found themselves in: Those timeless havens of beer and liquor, asbestos and male-bonding, parties and other such debauchery. We want to rank the best frat castles in the country.

But we need your help.

Think your frat's rage den should make the cut? Fill out the form below, and tell us why. Make sure to include your fraternity's name, your school, and a 200-word-or-less write-up on why your frat castle is the epitome of Bro excellence. Pictures are required. (BroBible reserves the right to re-post any picture you send to us onto our site.) eagerly await your submissions.

— BroBible Team