Bro Takes Ultimate Euro-Trip, Parties with Hot Euro-Chicks Wearing Only Tuxedos

The official #tuxedochallenge:
Step 1: Gather your friends
Step 2: Wear Penguin tail tuxedos with tophats and white gloves. Monocle optional.
Step 3: Be epic.
Step 4: Make a video that would make the Dos Equis guy proud.

A few highlights include partying with Avicii in Ibiza, shooting guns in Budapest, and drinking mad liquor with hot Euro-chicks on Hvar Day during Yacht Week. Elhassan's video recap of the trip is AWESOME, especially if you have a diagnosable case of wanderlust.

Ready for a vacation yet?


Partying with Avicii in Ibiza:


Shooting guns in Budapest:


Partying with hot chicks during Yacht Week:

[H/T: High Definite]