University Of Alabama Huntsville Student Tweets That His Teacher Is A ‘Faggot,’ Teacher Finds The Tweet And Responds

You may THINK the Internet is an anonymous place, but should you apply for a job with any employer who’s even the least bit savvy, you may find yourself up shit creek without a paddle. That 4chan username you thought was so clever that no one would figure out it was you, those comments you left on Buzzfeed articles shitting on fat chicks for using the term “curvy,” that time you posted a video of yourself in a gorilla suit eating chocolate cake naked from the waist down – yeah, those aren’t secrets. Those are just bombs that haven’t detonated yet.

Twitter user @g_ake68, an undergraduate student at the University of Alabama Huntsville, had to find this out the hard way after tweeting…

…and then having his teacher not only find and see the tweet, but respond to it in particularly savage fashion:

Supposedly, SUPPOSEDLY, @g_ake68 is a pre-med student, which means that he’ll need faculty letters of recommendation later on down the road in order to apply to medical school. Looks like either a change of schools or a change of major is in his future!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don’t post anything on the Internet that you wouldn’t mind being broadcast across campus.

[H/T Reddit]