A University Just Gave A Full Ride To A Homeless Guy Thanks To A Viral Video

by 5 years ago

Earlier this month, a homeless man dazzled us all with this amazing piano rendition.

Donald Gould, 51, was filmed playing a cover of Come Sail Away on a piano in the Sarasota, Florida. The local ABC affiliate picked up the video — which received more than 100,000 views in 24 hours — and aired a segment on Gould’s backstory. Turns out, Gould was gifted student at Spring Arbor University back in 1990 but life didn’t exactly go as planned.

Gould started to develop his gift in 1990 as a music student at the Spring Arbor, Mich. college, Crane said. But Gould didn’t have enough money to complete his degree, so he left the school in 1993. He took up other jobs and started a family before falling into substance abuse after his wife’s death in 1998, according to WWSB-TV.

The school got win of Gould (not his body odor, the story) and offered Gould a $30K scholarship for the coming semester. But before he starts, Gould has to kick his substance habits. In other words, he needs to quit drugs before entering an environment where almost everyone is probably doing drug.

Congrats to Gould, the homeless man who’ll be studying alongside students who all show up for early classes appearing homeless.

[via USA Today]