University Of Michigan Fraternity Damage To Ski Resort Now Estimated To Be $430K

Back in January we reported about the damage that some University of Michigan fraternities and sororities did to several ski resorts in Northern Michigan. Early estimated were coming in at $50,000 and $120,000 but now the latest report has the damage climbing up to over $430,000! Is that some kind of record? If so, I am sure everyone involved is very proud.

One day after the University of Michigan sanctioned Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity for wreckage wrought by out-of-control partying at Treetops Resort, the Gaylord resort’s general manager said the price tag for the destruction is about $430,000, four times the original estimate.

“If you just look at our out-of-pocket expenses, things we’ve paid to contractors, third parties, it’s around $230,000. It doesn’t take into consideration management time or damage to the resort’s reputation. Our accountants and attorneys are saying that this could be up to an additional $200,000,” Barry Owens, Treetops general manager, said in an e-mail statement Saturday.

“We’re now talking a total of $430,000,” he said.

Added to that, Owens said he had reason to believe the fraternity might not pay the resort for the destruction.

“It also has become evident that the fraternity representatives have suggested that they are unwilling to pay for the damage that they caused the resort,” Owens said in the statement. He could not be reached for further explanation.

Treetops spokeswoman Susan Wilcox Olson said Saturday that Sigma Alpha Mu has paid $25,000 toward restitution but also said a representative has told Treetops that the fraternity is “unwilling to accept liability and pay restitution.”

The damage was reportedly caused by 120 University of Michigan students from Sigma Alpha Mu as well as its sister sorority Sigma Delta Tau. There was damage to 45 rooms, destroyed ceiling tiles, exit signs, furniture and doors, as well as urination on the carpeting.

This past Friday University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel barred Sigma Alpha Mu from the campus for at least four years and asked the fraternity’s national council to revoke its charter.

Check out a couple of the pictures of the incredible damage here as well as in the video below.