6 Michigan Fraternities and Sororities Suspended For Causing $120,000 In Damage To Ski Resorts

Last week I blogged about how University of Michigan fraternities went on a tear of destruction during their annual ski weekend trips to Michigan resorts. According to reports at the time, the frats were responsible for causing over $50,000 in damage to Northern Michigan’s Treetops Resorts and Boyne Highlands.  Now they’re being blamed for over $120,000 in damage and the University is acting accordingly, suspending six fraternities and sororities who trashed the property.

According to Huffington Post College, the fraternities Sigma Alpha Mu, Pi Kappa Alpha and Chi Psi and sororities Sigma Delta Tau, Delta Gamma and Alpha Phi were each suspended by their nationals. The University of Michigan’s Interfraternity Council president Alex Krupiak and Panhellenic Association president Maddy Walsh released the following statement condemning the vandalism:

“This terrible incident has been widely publicized across the nation, and rightly so: it was an act of shocking disrespect. We, as leaders and Greeks at the University of Michigan, do not tolerate these kinds of acts, nor do we let such behavior fall under the radar.”

By the looks of it, it was BAD too.

Like, I don’t even understand how the hell you do this to a ceiling, even if when throwing a party? Were they intentionally trying to destroy the place and get themselves in trouble?

Have fun with paying for those damages, Michigan fratstars. I’m sure it will all be OK, since your dads all own a dealership or something.

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