University Of Illinois Students Are Being Huge Pussies About Having to Go to Class Today

Some assholes even got racist and sexist about it: 

Some, however, were rational, embarassed, and levelheaded about the attacks on the chancellor. Which is good because college students ARE ADULTS: 


You know what's underlying all of this anger? The fact that University of Illinois students participating in the #fuckphyllis are acting like coddled babies about having to go to class, what they're at college for in the first place. 

Hey Illinois, take a look at the temperature at the University of Wisonsin-Madison: 

Guess what? Class is in session there today too

< p> 

How about the University of Iowa? 


Also open! 


Also open! 

The only other Big 10 school with subzero temperatures that's closed is the University of Minnesota, where it's -11. You don't go to school in the SEC where everyone acts like babies when the sun doesn't shine… This is the fucking Big 10. We live for this shit. 

So grow a pair like Wisconsin and Iowa, Illinois.

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[H/T: Buzzfeed]

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