Rapper At The University Of Texas Drops The Worst Music Video I’ve Ever Watched About Hookin’ Them Horns

Ah, yes. My favorite thing about back-to-school season is the hilariously-awful school pride videos that college students drops about their beloved institutions of higher learning. This thing seriously happens every September and it’s always a fun cringe-worthy experience.

I have no beef with The University Of Texas — It’s Matthew McConaughey’s alma mater, after all. But this visual tour of Austin is so embarrassing and bad, I’d consider a move to College Station.

This is the day-old Chipotle of college hype music videos. It makes that video from Florida State look like a modern masterpiece, which it is only thanks to all the talent in the video. I think the highlight for me is when our young rapper here orders pizza and the camera just stays weirdly focused on him. WHO TAKES THAT SMALL OF A BITE OF PIZZA, EVER?! Everything about this 6th Street sequence is SO AWKWARD.

I guess we all go through an awkward phase.

[H/T: Total Frat Move]

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