Three GDI’s At UVM Kidnap, Pluck, Murder, And Eat Frat’s Pet Chicken

Three 18-year-old GDI’s at the University of Vermont have been arrested and charged with ‘Unlawful Trespass, Possession of Stolen Property, Accessory before the Fact and Cruelty to Animals‘ after they stole a LIVE CHICKEN from the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity house, killed it, cooked it, and ate it.

I get that it’s finals week, but you have to be ONE DESPERATE ASSHOLE to steal someone’s pet chicken and cook it. The chicken was one of 6 pet chickens raised for the past few years by the Alpha Gamma Rho’s, and now what was once 6 is 5 after Cameron Dube (18), Darien Newman (18), and Hannah Jackman (18) robbed them of their dear pet.

VPR (Vermont’s NPR) Reports:

A fraternity at the University of Vermont is one chicken short after a group of three students allegedly stole the bird from the fraternity’s property and then killed it and ate it in a residence hall.

“We raised six (now five) of them for a couple years now between a few of us brothers who feed and let them out each day, and collect their eggs,” wrote Joe Pappas, the president of the Alpha Gamma Rho chapter at UVM. “We are an agricultural fraternity, so of course when this happened we were not happy.”

According to UVM police, the chicken was reported stolen on Sunday from the fraternity’s property on South Prospect Street in Burlington.

UVM Police identified UVM students Cameron Dube, Darien Newman and Hannah Jackman – all age 18 – as “being involved in the incident.”

The UVM Police report is as follows:

Useless GDI’s have NO RESPECT for the sanctity of the brotherhood’s pet. Methinks this isn’t the first time we hear about a chicken incident on the UVM campus this school year. Going forward I’d expect chickens to make a ton of headlines from the Vermont campus in the Spring…but only time will tell.

As it stands, I’d be SHOCKED if these 18-year-old criminals didn’t have an extremely tough Spring semester…and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

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