College Student Arrested For Carving Death Threats Into Trees Because Screw Trees!

If we’re giving this kid credit for anything, it should be for shunning modern technology and going the old school route to threaten people.

He didn’t want to use Facebook or email or Twitter DMs to leave death threats. He wanted to get back to nature and carve them into trees. He didn’t want to leave the preverbal “paper trail” so instead he literally left a trail in the stuff that paper comes from.

Rocklin police have arrested a Sierra College student for allegedly carving “threatening death messages” onto trees.

Stephen Meadows, 21, was arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats and vandalism.

The carved messages were found by a college professor who frequents trails where trees were carved behind the Sierra College campus. The professor reported the carvings to Rocklin police.

It’s unclear for whom the messages were intended but I’m assuming either the professor or the rest of wilderness. Maybe Meadows had an issue with a certain uppity squirrel. In that case, the Facebook and Twitter death threats would have been pointless. Squirrels don’t have internet access.

H/T Sacramento Bee

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