UPenn Fraternity That Sent Out Beyonce Sex Doll Xmas Card Was Suspended And That’s Absolute Bullshit

Earlier this week, a Christmas card created by Phi Delta Theta at UPenn surfaced online showing the entire house posing with a Beyonce blow up doll. Apparently, it offended some people (and by some, probably like 2-3 who want all Greeks off campus) and the fraternity found themselves in trouble with the school.

Obviously, the school had to reply the only way schools know how this days, by suspending the entire fraternity. The biggest issue with the card was because, and these are the words of The Daily Pennsylvanian, most of the brothers appear to be caucasian.

“The inclusion of a racially and sexually charged object in such a flagrant fashion displays a serious and immediate need for repercussions that reflect the severity of this misogynistic, racist offense,” a joint statement issued by the 5B — the five umbrella coalitions for minority groups on campus — and the Penn Consortium for Undergraduate Women said.”We—UMOJA, APSC, UMC, Latin@ Coalition, Lambda Alliance, and PCUW—firmly believe that when an event like this marginalizes one of our communities, it marginalizes us all.”

I’m having trouble understanding why, exactly, the object is “racially” and “sexually” charged? The sex doll is standing upright in the photo. No one is simulating sex with the doll. No one is treating the doll in any manner that appears to be sexist, racist or anything other than “wouldn’t it be funny if we put a blow up doll in our Christmas card.” The fraternity is suspended because other people assumed this is all seeped in racist intent.

Let me ask this question — If Phi Delta Theta swapped out the sex doll with a Beyonce cardboard cutout, would that be “racially” charged? If the sex doll was busy, maybe out on tour with a blow up Jay-Z doll, would the cutout be racist? Probably not. So the problem is because it’s a sex doll. So essentially everyone is taking issue that someone in a group of white men might actually want to simulate sex with a black woman, specifically, Beyonce? Or worse yet, wish to have real sex with Beyonce. So if they chose any of these other celebrity sex dolls, sorry, any of those WHITE celebrity sex dolls then it’s all fine? I just want to make sure I’m clear on all this for my own family holiday card.

This is just another example of people searching for racism where it doesn’t exist. There’s really only one person who should be offended by all this and she hasn’t said a word. And no, not the doll.

Hopefully, this all blows over and the fraternity is back in good standing by the Spring. Just in time for the class at UPenn that’s totally cool with students looking at porn the entire time.

[H/T: Huffington Post]

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