HEAVΣN 2016 Just Put USC’s Sigma Nu In STRONG Contention For ‘Party Of The Decade’ Honors

Let this be official: I am nominating the Sigma Nu brothers of USC for ‘Party of the Decade’ after seeing footage of their HEAVΣN 2016 rager. The amount of hotties at the party is simply unprecedented. I knew that the University of Southern California was renowned for having some of the hottest chicks in all of California, but I thought that Arizona State was siphoning off all of the top talent in the region.

I’m not going to lie, there was a little too much footage of the brothers in this video when there needed to be a larger proportion of straight dimes, but it still looks like one hell of a fiesta:

I haven’t yet had the privilege of partying at the University of Southern California, but if/when I ever find myself on the USC campus in LA I’ll be knocking on the Sigma Nu door with two cases in hand, ready to drink until the sun rises. Of course there’s a chance that the brothers of Sigma Nu USC will turn me away at the door but what’s my worst case scenario? I’m on the gorgeous USC campus drinking two cases, surrounded by some of the hottest chicks in the nation. That’s a pretty good backup plan, no?

(h/t USC Sigma Nu YouTube)