Today in No Duh: Using a Fake ID Could Lead to Drinking Problem

Well, color me surprised. Kids who go out of their way to obtain alcohol may have a greater desire to drink? Coming from someone who got a fake ID at 19, and at 30 can't sleep without four glasses of bourbon, it's true. I didn't need no science or anything. But a study was done by the University of Maryland, and it concluded basically that people who start drinking early in life tend to keep drinking. From the Huffington Post:

“In our sample, we found a clear pathway from more frequent false ID use to more frequent drinking, which led to greater risk for developing alcohol dependence, even after adjusting for several risk factors…,” said Amelia M. Arria, associate professor of behavioral and community health at UMD. “Thus, we believe false ID use contributes to high-risk drinking patterns because it increases the accessibility of alcohol and makes it easier for students to drink more frequently.”

Pfft. Whatever.  

[H/T Huffington Post College]