UVA Drops New Rules On All Fraternities That Will Make Them Never Want To Throw A Party Again

In the wake of the unfortunate circumstances and scandal at the University of Virginia, the school was forced to make new rules regarding the way fraternities handle parties.

The University had suspended all activities of Greek life but announced today they would resume so long as fraternities and sororities agreed to the new rules. The school also announced those new rules today, and they are fair, but WOW will it be a pain in the ass for any fraternity to throw a party on campus from now until the end of time.

The new rules are as follows:

  • A minimum of three fraternity brothers remain “sober and lucid” at each fraternity function to serve as clearly identifiable monitors, with the addition of another sober monitor for every 30 members of the chapter. At least three of the monitors must be at least second-year brothers, and they are required to to be standing in place where drinks are being served, as well as at the stairs leading to residential rooms. The fraternity member monitoring the stairs is required to have immediate key access to each room during the party.
  • Pre-mixed drinks, punches or any other common source of alcohol are now banned from events. Fraternities are allowed to serve beer in unopened cans or wine upon request when poured by a sober brother at the bar.
  • Hard liquor may only be served at large parties if the fraternity hires a licensed, third-party bartender.
  • Bottled water must be “readily available” at each place where alcohol is being served and food at a minimum of one location.
  • Fraternities must also provide a printed guest list to a “security agent” from a vendor approved by the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) that must “exclusively dictate approved guests for the function.”

No mention on the number of cocktail weiner per guest but the job of the events coordinator in each frat and sorority house just got MUCH harder.  They’re basically running a bar. A bar that’s still allowed to let people under 21 into their establishment because the rules don’t state people must be of legal age to drink, just that “the activities and the activities of its members, whether or not sponsored or officially approved by the Fraternal Organization, do not and will not violate local, state or federal law or the University’s Standards of Conduct.”

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