What Real-Life College Would Van Wilder Have Most Likely Attended? These 11 Fit The Best


Any bro worth his salt has seen Van Wilder (the original, not the sequels, watching those is more miserable than having a month-long case of the liquid shits). And as such, you know that ‘ol Van took a long ass time to graduate from Coolidge College. To be exact, he finished in 8 years.

Our friends at FindTheBest set out to figure out what real-world college is most like Coolidge College. They did this by first finding which schools ranked on both Princeton Review‘s top party schools and top greek schools. Then, they integrated data on 4-year and 8-year graduation rates. As you’ll see below, Ole Miss best fits the bill. Based on that information, if you’re the big dick swinging on Ole Miss’ campus, you’re basically Van Wilder. Now all you have to do is convince your parents to pay for 8 years of college. Shouldn’t be hard.

Where Did Van Wilder Go To School? | FindTheBest//