Video Of Guy Using A Shark To Shotgun A Beer On Spring Break Ignites Firestorm

by 1 year ago

Video of a guy using a dead shark to shotgun a beer has gone viral and it has sparked outrage. The video features a guy slamming a Michelob Ultra against the shark’s sharp teeth to pierce the can so he can shotgun the beer. The video, posted on Total Frat Move’s Twitter account has nearly 700 comments, many of them condemning the insensitive act.

The backlash on Twitter including people saying, “I hope the shark ate his arm off.” Another Twitter user said, “hope he gets some type of parasite after doing this.” One person said, “so not okay. sharks deserve enough respect to not be used as a drinking prop by boys with a single digit IQ but ok pal.”

Some said they were contacting PETA about the video.

It appears that the shark is already dead, but the optics on this aren’t copacetic. It’s not endearing to use a dead animal for your spring break video of shotgunning a beer. Besides being callous, it’s so extra. You’re trying way too hard.

Plus look at how much beer he wasted with his shitty shotgun.


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