Virginia Tech Bar Is Shaming Students With Tabs Still Open As The Semester Ends By Tweeting Their Names

Down in Blacksburg, Virginia, the spring semester is coming to an end. The last day of classes is May 6th. Exams begin on the 8th and, after a week of tests, students are free to disperse for the summer months.

I remember when I was getting ready to leave Tech after each academic year ended — or worse, when I had to leave for good after graduation — I had a lot of affairs to get in order. Selling books, cleaning the apartment, ending relationships with certain someones I didn’t want to go long distance with, and, of course, on my way out of town swinging by the bar to pick up the credit card I left there back in November.

Yea, that never happened to me. I was slightly more responsible. But one of my favorite bars at Virginia Tech, Top of the Stairs, colloquially known as TOTS, has LOTS of open tabs still. And now they’re doing their best to shame those kids into closing them by tweeting their names.

Hey, let’s see who has been drinking.


You guys, too. Come on.

Evan King and Christopher Baylor how are you eating at the D Hall without your Hokie Passport??

Just look at all these people.

Anna Bielcwicz, how have you not had a credit card since November? Are you even alive? And Marshall Hatfield, OCTOBER? What would your parents think?

Also, Noah Yates, you are 30, how did you leave your god damn card at a bar and forget about it for MONTHS? (If that is the Noah Yates I know. He might have gone down for the Tech-BC game that day.)

College kids are so irresponsible.

Hokies. Go close out your tabs TODAY.