We’ve Got Beef, Bro: 8 Ways to Prank a Fraternity You Are Beefing With

by 6 years ago

The key to a good prank is causing someone an appropriate amount of grief and getting away with it. So all you need to do is wait until your rivals attend some campus-wide fraternity event and then send your pledges over to their house to wreak havoc.

Upper Deck the Toilets in Their House
Classic, miserable prank that lacks all human decency, which is why it is perfect. If you can't force out stool on command, clogging the toilets with t-shirts or hand towels is always a great way to go, effectively making them overflow their toilets themselves.

Frozen Cans Of Shaving Cream
Freeze 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 cans of shaving cream, release all the air, and cut the tops off of them. Then put them in a room rarely used by the Fraternity (Chapter Room, perhaps). When the frozen cream thaws there will be one hell of a mess.

Switch Out Their Shampoo With Nair
Nothing worse than people thinking your entire fraternity is comprised of skinheads.

Butter All the Floors in Their House
It worked REALLY well for the guy in the video below. I've decided I can't die a happy man until I try this on someone.

Make T-Shirts With the Greek Letters of the Frat You Hate and Give Them to Homeless People
There is no pride greater than a fraternity man's pride for his letters. Homeless people will for sure help to drag those letters through the mud.

Open Cans of Tuna + Air Vents = HELL
Most guys will have their individual rooms locked and the only way in will be through the vents. Put several open cans of tuna or dead fish inside. The smell will be an unstoppable force and they'll have a miserable time getting it out.

Let the Air Out of Their Tires
It seems simple (because it is) but imagine the look on their faces when the helplessness sinks in. The inability to do anything or re-inflate those tires without calling AAA and you know it's going to take a few annoying minutes to fix 120 flat tires.

Have Sex With Their Girlfriends
Not really a prank, per se, but a hilarious gag nonetheless.

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