The Three Things College Accidentally Teaches You About the Real World

What We Learn From the Absurdity

Effective Procrastination

College teaches you that there are some things you should take care of right away and other things that you can put off for a while. I know exactly how long I can put something off while still getting a certain grade. In the real world you will need to manage crucial things and trivial things and know how to reap the most from the least.  ““Work smaht naht hahd”- Matt Damon”- J.B.

How to Handle Drinking

I know that my line of work involves entertaining clients and showing them a good time. Being able to have casual (or not so casual drinks, cough Jordan Belfort cough) is integral in certain business transactions. You don’t want to be the person throwing up in the bathroom of a 5 star hotel in Singapore, it’s not good business, and certain cultures even respect someone who can drink but remains professional and intelligent (NOTE: The preceding is completely true because I read it in a book I wrote).

Interpersonal Relationships

The most valuable things I have gained from college are not from the over-priced textbooks I had to read. We learn a lot from the social climate of college and take away a lot from all of the craziness that comes with it. Social groups are so different that we begin to understand the intricacies of these different groups, which will make us good social chameleons in the professional world (and with the insane parents from your kid’s soccer team). We develop new groups of diverse friends that can later be great networking opportunities. That guy who accidentally stumbled into your suite sophomore year and passed out on the Xbox may be your Best Man one day. The experiences we have no matter how small or how insane bring us closer together and teach us that there are new levels in which we are all connected.

College teaches us how to enjoy the little things, and all of life’s twists and turns. In the immortal words of Billy Madison:

-J.B., Binghamton University