Here Is What Every College Major Will, On Average, Earn You Throughout Every Stage Of Your Life

by 4 years ago

Before you go ahead and see what every college major earns on average, you have to answer the question: are you a fuck up? Because if you are, none of this will apply to you. You can graduate with a degree in any of these majors, but if you’re a fuck up it won’t matter. You’re probably better off just majoring in something chill and enjoying your four years of partying. Maybe major in Spanish, then get blow more of your parents cash by getting your masters in it, and then decide you want to be a Soul Cycle instructor three weeks before graduation. This will all, of course, be followed by a long stint of living in your childhood bedroom, while your mother periodically slips Spanish-related job listings under your door and never fails to take an opportunity to mention other neighbor’s kids who are doing something better with their life.

Although I never lived with my parents after college, that scenario is not to far off from how they took my decision to leave finance and write for a site called BROBIBLE. “You’re doing what? For how much money? Are you an idiot? Honey, I think our son is an idiot.” They never called me an idiot directly, but they fucking hated my decision for a good two or three years. (I SHOWED THEM!!)

Anyway, if you plan of not fucking up or not completely abandoning your major to take a gigantic life risk, then these charts might be of some help to you. One thing is for sure, they should make you feel real shittaaaay about choosing to major in anything related to Art or Education.

Colors to Die For

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