Most Badass Professor Ever, Injured In The Ohio State Attack, DGAF Because ‘We Still Beat Michigan’

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Dr. William Clark is a emeritus professor at Ohio State University and was caught right in the middle of the recent attack on campus that left many injured.

In fact, he was so close to the attack that he was injured and bleeding. He just didn’t realize it.

Reports the Columbus Dispatch

William Clark left a trail of bloody footprints behind him as he walked down into the basement of Watts Hall Monday morning.

The emeritus professor’s office is there, and he didn’t notice he was bleeding until a student next to him pointed it out, the engineering professor said during a news conference on the Ohio State University campus this afternoon, soon after Clark was released from Wexner Medical Center.

Have to love the toughness…

Clark recalled not realizing he was hurt until the student pointed it out.

“My legs were sore but I didn’t have any particular pain,” he said. “I was surprised to see the blood.”

Clark recalled being outside Watts Hall with students and other faculty after a report of a gas leak caused the building to be evacuated. When Artan’s Honda hit Clark, he flipped into the air before hitting the pavement.

“It happened so fast,” he said. “It seemed to me like it was 15 to 30 seconds. I heard the shots and then it was over.”

Wait, he got hit by the killer’s car and he’s already giving interviews? Told you he was badass.

But here’s the topper. When asked about the knife attack his response gets an A+.

What a boss.


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