A Bunch Of Frat Daddies Shared Their Worst, Most Gruesome Hazing Stories With Us And GOOD GOD


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Yesterday I threw up a post that was a compilation of ‘worst hazing stories’ from an r/frat thread I stumbled upon and if you read my post from yesterday you might be thinking ‘the establishment has won’ and frats are getting lamer and lamer by the year. All of those stories were tongue-in-cheek responses, because even though it’s Reddit bros were afraid to discuss the actual nitty gritty of hazing. In that post I dropped a link to our BroBible ‘Tip Off’ line and asked you bros to send us your worst hazing stories/experiences, and I got a shit ton of responses over night.

Below I’ve shared the worst, most gruesome hazing stories sent to me by you the readers. If you’re not into reading things that’ll gross you out I suggest turning back now, but because I know you’re not a huge pansy I suggest reading on. Again, if you think you can top these stories with your best/worst story of hazing and/or pledging CLICK HERE to fill out our anonymous tip line!

The Worst Fraternity Hazing Stories, As Told By The BroBible Readers

Reader ‘notideal’: Chugging Concoctions Of Horror

Once, for hazing, had to chug a concotion of blended locusts, hearts, lungs, bananas and poo. human poo.

Reader ‘B Rad’: ‘Gun With Blanks’

This story is completely true. One night we were drunk and bored and decided to have some fun with the pledges. We called them over and made them do normal push ups and sit ups in our basement and had a brother pretend to break in. When another brother went up to check it out he had a gun with blanks in it. ( we went to school in the middle of no where, everyone has a gun and we got blanks online) two shots fired and he came down crying say he didn’t mean to do it.
He panicked and shot and he can’t go to jail, his life will be ruined. Long story short we made the pledges clean the blood( mix of juices from steaks, then food dye and oil to make it hard to get up). Then we rolled a brother up in a rug and made them carry it out. Drove out to the lake and made them hide the weapon and dig a hole for the body( they were balling their eyes out the whole time) As they were about to put the body in we came out with beer and unwrapped our brother in the carpet and told them if they were willing help with a murder they are true bros. The place we were digging at was a brother’s family cabin so we just stayed there drinking beer and helping unedge the pledges the rest of the time.

Anonymous Reader: Frat House Rules

So I went to college once and was in a fraternity. One year we had some awful looking pledges and wanted to draw the lions from the taco bell workers. We invited all of the ex girlfriends (and current ones) over to the frat house and then the pledge had to choose which other pledge he wanted to nail his loving (or ex loving) other half. They would then sit outside the room and listen while shit went down. Good note: everyone got laid (Y)

Anonymous Reader: Vomit

I was forced to chug a handle full of the vomit of every single brother in my PC (pledge class)

Reader ‘Donald Trump’: Battleship

Make pledges lay on ground and play battleship with tomatoes brothers point out pledge and tell them to throw if one lands you say they sunk my battleship.

Finish a 2 week old keg

Pledge battle royal:
Pledge had a intro move for a brother and we made pledges wrestle out side in a mud pit

Air raid:
At any point yell air raid pledges have to dive to ground and prepare for fruit bombardment

Last meal:
Before I week tell the pledges to grab as much food s possible for a week. It’s all they will get to eat for the week. Make them eat it all before it starts. The worst thing I saw was a kid bring 30 cans of tuna. I almost felt bad. But for the most part pledges never ate ramen noodles again after this event.

Lap dance:
Make pledges give lap dance to the ugliest girl at a party

Jedi training (my favorite):
Put a empty 30 rack box on a pledges head give them a stick and throw empty beer cans at them till they become Jedi masters.

Where’s Waldo:
Designate a pledge at each party to dress up as Waldo when you spy him you shout I spy Waldo and make him get you a beer

Scavenger hunts:
At your rival school ( this does not end well)
In Vegas a complete disaster( it’s frowned upon to ask a midget to get in a back pack and let you take a picture of you backpacking him on the strip)

Pledges should pee before entrance

Reader ‘Joe’: Being A Freshman

As freshmen the older members would come up to you at parties with a glass of god knows what. You didn’t ask questions, you just drank it. Generally to the tune of “So here’s to brother ____…”. I remember one night receiving a glass of about 90% whiskey, I don’t even want to know what the remaining 10% was, but this happened pretty much every weekend. Good times.

Anonymous Reader: Hazing In The Marines

I never went to college as I joined the Marines after high school and am still in. We have our own things that we do to teach life lessons:

Every Thursday is Field Day and on Field Day you clean not just your room, but the whole barracks and your work areas. Lots of yelling in the work areas and it only gets louder as you move to the bricks. Pick up any trash, clean out the laundry rooms and sweep the walkways. One unit I was with ran the Barracks 500. This was the most effective way to mop the catwalks as I recall. The junior guys would grab their brushes and push them around the catwalks. Each guy had to do 500 laps before he could start on his room. Meanwhile the seniors where at literally every turn to keep their eyes on you and call you in for a pit stop every now and then. Pits stops were where we refueled our bodies with whatever alcohol an individual deemed fit for us. Beer, liquor, box wine, didn’t matter.

Another incident I remember was when I was a senior. Some of my buddies and I were leading a quick training op to a hill close to where we work. Our job requires knowing where you are and being able to spot things in a landscape so we can destroy them later. We split the boots (new guys) into groups to work on self location and terrain sketching.

When we were wrapping everything up, one of my peers who wasn’t with us called me and told me that he found an essential piece of gear that one of the boots carelessly left unattended. I informed the other seniors of the recent development and how it was going to get resolved.

We decided to hold a gear inspection and go through all the items, saving the missing one for last. As I calmly called out an item, they held it up and then put it away. The closer we got to the last item, you could see the look on this kid’s face as he wondered, then realized what was happening.

When I called out the item in question, everyone but one guy had it. Then we exploded. Screaming, profanities, screaming profanities, throwing this kids gear all over the hill that we were on. We made him hold his pack open while the other boots grabbed his gear and brought it to him and put them in his pack.

When that was done, we looked over the hilltop to make sure we didn’t leave anything behind. Luckily our command had us bring a 5 gallon water jug as a precaution, but this jug didn’t have a cap. We had the offender carry the water jug down the hill and threatened to dump the water on him if he spilled any of it.

As we were walking down the hill, we decided to be eco-friendly and pick up trash. at each piece we found, we called out a boot who would pick it up and wait till the offender got to them. They would then put the trash in his cargo pockets.

When we got back to the barracks to drop off our gear, we informed the boot that he couldn’t get rid of the water jug until he got his missing gear back.

Needles to say, he learned to never lose anything after that ordeal.

I’m sure that there are some good frat stories out there, I just wanted to share this one from outside academia. I didn’t put in any names because the Corps has been getting PC too and would love to find anything to burn some people. Anyways, love the site.

Again, if you think you can top these stories with your best/worst story of hazing and/or pledging CLICK HERE to fill out our anonymous tip line! And I know there are some of you bros that can top these so don’t hesitate to send me your story (it’s all anonymous, give me a fake name if you want or no name at all).

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