Everyone at WVU Is Getting STDs, So They’re Putting Condom Dispensers In Frat Houses

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The college kids running wild in Morgantown, West Virginia have a bit of a problem on their hands: STDs are becoming an issue around campus as a young generation of college students refuse to use rubbers. The solution the school came up with? Start placing free condoms in the school’s eight most popular fraternity houses:

WellWVU: The Students’ Center of Health is teaming up with the fraternities on campus to promote safe sex and prevent sexually transmitted infections.

The first condom dispenser was installed in Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s house last week.

“We know that STIs are an issue on campus, there’s a lot of misunderstanding about appropriate use across the board with students,” Harshbarger said.

The dispenser is covered in facts about safe sex to prevent students from contracting STIs.

“This is a first step in increasing access to condoms and increasing information,” Harshbarger said. “These two things hand in hand will ultimately be what contributes to a reduction in the spreading of STIs on campus.”

It’s up to the fraternities to refill the condom dispensers when they run out.

“Every single time a guy walks into the bathroom and he sees it, he’s at least going to have that in his mindset and hopefully remember later on in the night,” he said.

McIntyre said the fraternities to buy condoms at a cheaper price in bulk from WellWVU.

“It’s going to come down to the fraternity accepting it and utilizing it in the most effective way, when they need to utilize it not when they want to play with the condoms,” McIntyre said. “They need to use it for its intended purpose only and make sure it is readily available and stocked.”

You hear that loud and clear, WVU frat stars? No condom balloon animals.

And stop getting the clap, you dirty dicks.

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